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If you are crazy about iPhone 12 mini, then make your own with 8000 discount

अगर आप iPhone 12 के दीवाने हैं, तो 8000 छूट के साथ अपना बनाएं

If you have been planning to buy a new iPhone 12 mini, this is probably the best time with Amazon offering a juicy deal on the smartphone. The mini is a small-sized iPhone that fits in your palm comfortably. It is also the cheapest iPhone one could buy the in current iPhone 12 lineup. The Amazon deal includes a discount of Rs 8,000 on the original price along with an exchange offer which will fetch you up to Rs 11,000 in return for your old phone. But do all the discounts and offers make the iPhone 12 mini worth buying?

iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12 mini was being sold on Amazon for Rs 69,900, but after the discount, the smartphone price is down to Rs 61,900. But remember, this is for the 64GB model, which also happens to be the base model. While it might fit the pocket of some buyers both metaphorically and literally, the iPhone 11 at a much lower price sounds like a better deal than the iPhone 12 mini. There are more reasons than one why you should consider the former over the latter if you are keen on buying the iPhone 12 mini.

When we talk about the iPhone 12 mini, the first thing that comes to mind is the screen size. The phone comes with a 5.4-inch display, which might seem very compact and comfortable to hold but might not be convenient if you stream content on your phones. The OTT culture has maximised the sale of smartphones with big screens, and at such a time, iPhone 12 mini, with its smallish factor, seems like a misfit. The iPhone SE, for the matter, sounds like a practical option if a small screen is what you desire.

At Rs 61,000, there are far better options in Android that you can consider if you don’t want to settle for the iPhone 11, which is two years old. iPhone 11 might have the ideal display, but in terms of processor, it uses the A13 Bionic chipset, which can be called outdated considering we have the A14 Bionic chipset now. The A15, too, could be on its way

Another factor where the iPhone 12 mini lags behind its peers is the battery. It was reported that the iPhone 12 mini has a small form factor and hence accommodates a smaller battery. Although Apple never reveals the battery size, the iPhone 12 mini is believed to have a 2227mAh battery. The battery size is smaller as compared to the two-year-old iPhone 11. A report by TomsGuide suggested that on a single charge, the phone lasts only up to seven hours, which is abysmal considering we have smartphones with gigantic batteries that last for up to 2 days.

All the above-mentioned factors don’t make the iPhone 12 mini a bad phone. But these are factors you must pay heed to if you are planning to shell out as much as Rs 61,000 on the phone.


News Source- India today

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